Nine newly certified SCUBA divers through the Fish Tech program!


This past weekend, Fish Tech’s first open water diver course came to an end. The course included classroom work and practice dives at the Blatchley Middle School pool, and concluded with four ocean dives in 45°. Despite the cold and snow, the beautiful clear ocean water helped maintain smiles through it all. The nine students are now PADI certified open water divers, and dry suit divers. The course will be offered again in the spring in the traditional format, but also in an online/intensive format where students will complete classwork online, and then come to Sitka over spring break to complete the pool and ocean dives. We hope this will make the program accessible to even more students. Fish Tech will also be offering a scientific diving course. For more information, contact Reid Brewer or Joel Markis.

Student account: “The class was incredible. Joel and Reid really know the sport, and always narrated skills with stories of their adventures diving across the world. I’m sorry to see it end!” Zoe K.


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