222: Alaska Salmon Culture II

The second course of a two semester sequence which introduces students to the principles, concepts and methods used in the production of Pacific salmon with an emphasis on modern fish culture techniques used by Alaska producers. Methods used to enhance and rehabilitate the five species of Pacific salmon harvested in the commercial, sport and subsistence fisheries of Alaska and Northwestern United States will be covered in detail. Provides students with understanding of regulations and guidelines established by the state of Alaska to administer salmon enhancement programs through private non-profit aquaculture association.

This course is a stacked hybrid class with local Sitka students. Students participate in real time online meetings as scheduled. Students may choose to listen to recorded sessions on their own (with instructor permission), or participate in real time online meetings. Students MUST have access to a computer with a microphone and the internet. Contact with the instructor is via e-mail and the internet. Additional information available at the course website www.uas.alaska.edu/online or by calling 907-747-7700 or 800-478-6653 x7700. Order books from MBS Direct. Go to www.uas.alaska.edu/sitka/support to get started in your distance class.

Tuition and fees: $630 (additional charges may apply)

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