274: Fisheries Biology

An introduction to the major groups of fishes with particular emphasis on fishes of the Pacific Northwest region of North America. Lecture, laboratory, and field work will introduce students to fin fish and shell fish. Identification and classification, anatomy and physiology, age and growth, reproduction and behavior will be studied. Emphasis will be placed on commercially important fish species of Alaska.

Prerequisite: FT S120 or instructor permission.

This course is a stacked hybrid class with local Sitka students. Students participate in real time online meetings as scheduled. Students must have access to a computer with a microphone and the internet. Additional information available at the course website www.uas.alaska.edu/online or by calling 907-747-7700 or 800-478-6653 x7700. Order books from MBS Direct. Go to www.uas.alaska.edu/sitka/support to get started in your distance class.

Tuition and fees: $840 (additional charges may apply)

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