Frequently Asked Questions

How to register?

To register for a Fish Tech course at UAS, visit here. To speak with an academic adviser, visit here. You may also register by returning a scanned or faxed paper form or an authorization email after speaking to an advisor.

What pre-qualifications do I need?

Students being admitted to a degree must have graduated from high school (Occupational Endorsements offer some exceptions). High School students should speak to their counselor to see if a dual-enrollment fish tech course may supplement their high school education.

New students usually have to take math and English placement tests before registering for general education courses. It is helpful to be computer-literate and somewhat internet savvy.

There is no SAT or ACT requirement.

What jobs are available?

There are many, many jobs available in both PNP hatcheries and Fisheries Management organizations.  Check out the FT jobs site to see what is currently available (click here).

How much will it cost?

With current tuition and fees, most courses are $630 (3 credits x $210 per credit hour) plus books and material (varies by class). At that rate, an occupational endorsement would cost $2,940; a certificate would cost $6,300 (dependent on placement), and our associate degree would cost $12,600 (also dependent on placement). Most students qualify for one or more types of student aid, reducing their bill.

Is there financial aid available?

Certificate level (30 credit) programs and above are federal financial-aid-eligible. There are also additional scholarships and grants awarded by competitive application. Some of those are managed by the Fisheries Technology department, and others are managed by the UAS Sitka Scholarship Committee.

Students are also encouraged to explore outside funding opportunities with regional organizations, regional corporations, and other organizations in which they may claim membership.

What if I don’t have internet/computer access?

Most of the Fisheries Technology courses are taken face to face in Sitka or online.

For online access you will need access to a computer with a good internet connection, either at your home or at your nearest UAS partner campus (except for iPad courses – details below)

Students without their own computer or internet access may be able to attend Fisheries Technology online courses through UAS Sitka or one of our partner campuses, which provide internet access and on-campus computers for UA students to use. Many UA Campuses will provide resources and assistance for their local students to take courses from other UA Campuses.

In addition, beginning this past fall with instructor approval, eligible students have been able to take selected courses via iPad, with no internet connection required. These “off the grid” courses make you completely independent of the internet — free to take the class whenever you can squeeze it into your busy schedule. The waterproof iPads, provided as a free loan by UAS, contain all lectures, videos, readings, FAQs, and even the exams, which you can take remotely without a proctor. Currently, only FT 120 Introduction to Fisheries of Alaska (3cr) is available, but coming in Summer 2016 we will also be offering FT 122 Alaska Salmon Culture I (3cr) , FT 222 Alaska Salmon Culture II (3cr), and FT 273 Fundamentals of Fisheries Biology (4cr).

For more details about the iPad delivery method, contact Reid Brewer at 907-747-7799.

Local Sitka students can also enjoy the benefits of a face-to-face classroom experience, since almost all of our courses are delivered in a “hybrid” format with local students attending lectures while eLearning students join collaborate sessions via the internet. This format also allows students to review missed classes later via the archived audio and screen record of the live class.

Certain courses include concentrated lab sessions, which are designed to give you hands-on training and opportunities to work with classmates and instructors in a team environment. These courses require physical attendance for up to one week at UAS Sitka Campus or at one of our partner campuses in Ketchikan, Valdez, Homer, Kodiak and Bethel.

Do people find success after the program?

They find much success in all that they do! Huge success!

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